A closeup of a biro ink stain on a leather sofa

Can You Clean Biro Off Leather?

Biro ink, a common culprit behind stains on leather items, can be a nightmare for many. Whether it’s a favorite leather bag, a jacket, or a piece of furniture, accidental biro marks can detract from the aesthetic appeal. Leather, being a porous and sensitive material, requires special care and attention when attempting to remove such stains. So, can you clean biro off leather?

Biro ink stains on leather can be effectively removed using various methods, including alcohol-based solutions, baby wipes, and hairspray. While each technique has its merits, it’s essential to approach the stain gently and condition the leather afterward to maintain its quality and appearance.

These three methods to clean biro off leather are broken down in detail.

Tackling Biro on Leather with Alcohol-based Solutions

Rubbing alcohol, known for its cleaning prowess, stands out as an effective solution for biro ink stains on leather. Its properties help in lifting stains without causing harm when used correctly

  1. Patch Test: Always initiate by testing any cleaning method on a hidden part of the leather. This step ensures the solution won’t discolor or damage the item.
  2. Prepare a Cloth: Obtain a clean, white cloth and dampen a corner with some isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Dab with Care: Approach the stained area by gently dabbing with the damp cloth. Avoid any back-and-forth motion as this might spread the ink.
  4. Clean Up: As the ink begins to lift, switch to a new clean cloth to wipe away any residue.
  5. Dry the Area: Let the spot air-dry for a few minutes to ensure no moisture remains.
  6. Conditioning Time: It’s essential to nourish the leather after the cleaning process. Apply a good quality leather conditioner to retain its softness and prevent it from drying.

By following these steps meticulously, one can restore the natural beauty of leather items and ensure they remain free from unsightly biro marks.

Use The Gentle Power of Baby Wipes to Clean Biro Off Leather

Baby wipes have more to offer than just their primary purpose. Their mild cleaning agents have proven effective against a range of stains, including those from biro ink on leather.

  1. Choose Wisely: Opt for baby wipes that don’t contain alcohol to ensure the leather remains hydrated and undamaged.
  2. Wipe Methodically: With gentle circular motions, use the baby wipe over the stained region, ensuring not to exert too much pressure.
  3. Switch to a Dry Cloth: After working on the stain, take a clean, dry cloth to pat the area, removing any lingering moisture.
  4. Air it Out: Allow the cleaned spot some time to air-dry, ensuring no residue remains.
  5. Final Touch: Finish the process by applying a leather conditioner. This step helps maintain the leather’s natural sheen and suppleness.

Employing baby wipes for stain removal can be a surprisingly effective approach, especially when dealing with delicate leather items. It’s a gentle method that doesn’t compromise the leather’s integrity.

Benefits of Using Hairspray to Clean Biro Off Leather

Hairspray, often found in many households, possesses hidden cleaning qualities. Its ingredients can help tackle stubborn biro stains on leather, making it a handy and quick solution.

  1. Spray with Caution: Aim the hairspray nozzle directly at the biro mark, ensuring a light and even application.
  2. Let it Act: Allow the hairspray to sit on the stain for a short duration, but ensure it doesn’t dry completely.
  3. Gentle Removal: Use a clean cloth to softly wipe away the hairspray and the loosened ink.
  4. Rinse Thoughtfully: Dampen another cloth with plain water and pass it over the treated area, ensuring all traces of the hairspray are gone.
  5. Dryness Check: Pat the cleaned section with a dry cloth, ensuring no moisture persists.
  6. Rehydrate the Leather: Conclude the process by moisturizing the leather with a suitable conditioner, maintaining its texture and appearance.

By tapping into the unassuming power of hairspray you can find an effective ally in the battle against persistent biro marks on leather items. It’s an unconventional method that often yields impressive results.


What should I avoid when trying to remove biro from leather?

While removing biro from leather, it’s vital to steer clear of abrasive tools or strong chemicals that might harm the leather’s delicate surface. Vigorous rubbing is another mistake, as it could exacerbate the stain. Instead, adopt a gentle approach, ensuring the leather’s integrity remains intact.

Can I use washing-up liquid to get biro off leather?

Yes, washing-up liquid can serve as a mild cleaning agent for biro stains on leather. When opting for this method, mix the liquid with water to dilute its strength. Once applied with a cloth, ensure you rinse the area thoroughly to prevent any residue build-up. After the cleaning process, it’s always beneficial to treat the leather with a conditioner to preserve its natural properties.

Will a commercial leather cleaner remove biro stains?

While many commercial leather cleaners offer a broad spectrum of cleaning capabilities, it’s essential to pick a product that specifies its effectiveness against ink stains. Reading product labels and reviews can provide insights into their suitability. Always adhere to the instructions provided and, if possible, test on a discreet area before full application.

Can I use white vinegar to remove biro from leather?

Indeed, white vinegar, when mixed with water in equal measures, can act as a remedy for biro stains on leather. After preparing the solution, apply it to the stain using a cloth, and then gently wipe away. It’s vital to ensure the leather is conditioned post-cleaning, as vinegar can have a drying effect.

Can biro stains be removed from any type of leather?

While many leather types can be treated for biro stains, the effectiveness can vary based on the leather’s finish and texture. Some leathers, especially untreated varieties, may be more susceptible to permanent staining. If uncertain about the type of leather or the cleaning method’s effectiveness, it might be wise to consult with a leather expert or conduct a patch test on a less visible area.


Biro stains on leather can be daunting, but with the right tools and methods, they can be effectively treated. Whether using isopropyl alcohol, baby wipes, or even hairspray, remember always to test on a hidden area first and finish with conditioning the leather. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to stains can keep your leather items looking their best.