can you machine wash a milwaukee jacket

Can You Machine Wash a Milwaukee Jacket?

Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Milwaukee jackets, a product of Milwaukee Tools, are famed for their durability and high-quality construction, offering optimum warmth even in harsh winter conditions. Particularly noteworthy is their heated jacket range, akin to wearable technology, equipped with embedded heating elements for providing continuous warmth. However, like all outerwear, Milwaukee jackets do require proper cleaning, and understanding the jacket care instructions is crucial.

You can machine wash a Milwaukee jacket, provided you follow specific steps. Just as you’d be careful with battery-operated garments, it’s crucial to remove the battery pack before washing. Using cold water is recommended, as it’s less likely to cause any harm to the jacket fabric. Finally, to maintain the jacket’s water repellency and durability, it’s best to air dry it.

The cleaning procedures for these jackets, equipped with heated clothing technology, are a bit more specific. This guide will take you through several methods to clean your Milwaukee jacket without damaging its materials or functions.

Hand Washing Your Milwaukee Jacket

Hand washing, a traditional approach to cleaning winter gear, is an effective method that will help ensure the Milwaukee jacket lasts a long time. This approach is especially gentle and safe, reducing the risk of damage to the heating elements and other sensitive components like USB charging ports.

  1. Prepare the Cleaning Solution: Begin by filling a sink or tub with cold water. Cold water is less likely to shrink or fade the jacket compared to warm or hot water. Add a mild detergent, approved for delicate fabrics, avoiding harsh cleaning agents or bleaches that might compromise the jacket’s integrity.
  2. Prep Your Jacket: Ensure all jacket pockets are empty, and all zippers are zipped up. Most importantly, detach the battery.
  3. Submerge and Clean: Immerse the jacket in the soapy water, paying attention to stained areas, using a soft brush or cloth for gentle cleaning.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: After cleaning, rinse the jacket, ensuring all traces of soap are removed.
  5. Remove Excess Water: Gently press the water out, ensuring you don’t damage the jacket’s structure or heating elements.
  6. Dry the Jacket: Hang the jacket up to air dry away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.

Machine Washing Your Milwaukee Jacket

Machine washing, while efficient, requires specific precautions when dealing with Milwaukee jackets. Just like when cleaning heated gloves or heated vests, care must be taken to ensure the electrical components remain undamaged.

  1. Preparation: First, remove the jacket’s battery, and turn the jacket inside out to protect its exterior.
  2. Washing Machine Settings: Opt for the gentle cycle, using cold water to safeguard the jacket’s material.
  3. Detergent Selection: A mild, color-safe detergent is recommended. Avoid fabric softeners or bleach.
  4. Loading the Machine: Place the jacket alone or with non-abrasive clothes to prevent any potential damage.
  5. Post-Wash Care: Prompt removal post-wash will prevent wrinkles.
  6. Drying the Jacket: As with heated blankets, air drying is the best option to maintain the jacket’s quality.

Following these steps ensures that machine washing your Milwaukee jacket is as safe as hand washing, protecting your valuable winter gear investment.

Spot Cleaning Your Milwaukee Jacket

Spot cleaning is an efficient cleaning method, especially when you want to avoid the full washing process for wearable technology like the Milwaukee heated jacket. This method is perfect for minor stains and ensures that the jacket’s lifespan is preserved by minimizing potential wear from frequent washing. Here’s how to spot clean your jacket:

  1. Prepare Your Cleaning Solution: In a bowl, mix a mild laundry detergent with cold water, ensuring it’s laundry-approved to protect your jacket’s durability. Refrain from using bleach or harsh cleaning agents which can compromise the jacket’s insulation and heating elements.
  2. Application of the Cleaning Solution: Use a soft cloth or sponge, dampened with the solution, ensuring it’s not overly wet to prevent any adverse effect on the jacket’s electrical components.
  3. Blot the Stain: Avoid rubbing as it can further embed the stain or harm the fabric types like polyester or nylon. Blotting ensures the stain’s removal without spreading it.
  4. Rinse and Repeat: Persistent stains might need several attempts, so patience is essential.
  5. Rinse the Area: Use a clean cloth to remove soap residues. Leftover soap can attract dirt and impact the jacket’s fabric over prolonged periods.
  6. Dry the Jacket: Air dry the jacket, ensuring it’s away from direct sunlight which can fade its color and weaken its material. Ensure the jacket is wholly dry before storing or wearing, maintaining its readiness for harsh conditions.


Will machine washing damage the heating elements in a Milwaukee heated jacket?

Machine washing won’t damage the heating elements if you adhere to the necessary precautions. It’s vital to ensure the safety precautions are taken like removing the battery pack and avoiding fabric softeners, as mentioned in the Machine Washing section.

Can you use fabric softener when washing a Milwaukee jacket?

No, fabric softeners can affect the jacket’s temperature settings and inhibit the performance of the heating elements, impacting its comfort.

What temperature should you use when washing a Milwaukee jacket?

Cold water is universally recommended for Milwaukee jackets, ensuring the jacket’s fabric and waterproof features remain intact.

Should you air dry or machine dry a Milwaukee jacket?

Only air drying is suggested, as machine drying can impair the jacket’s water repellency and overall durability.

Can you wash a Milwaukee jacket with other clothes or should it be washed separately?

For optimal results and to prevent potential damage like abrasion from zippers, it’s best to wash the Milwaukee jacket separately.

Are there any special instructions for washing a Milwaukee jacket with Gore-Tex material?

Gore-Tex material is durable and designed to withstand washing. However, fabric softeners, bleach, and dry cleaning should be avoided as they can damage the Gore-Tex membrane. Follow the same washing instructions as for other Milwaukee jackets but ensure that the jacket is completely rinsed and properly air-dried.

Can you use bleach when washing a Milwaukee jacket?

Bleach, with its harsh chemicals, is not suitable for Milwaukee jackets. Its corrosive nature can affect the jacket’s insulation and heating elements. Stick to mild, color-safe detergents for optimal results.


While machine washing a Milwaukee jacket is possible, certain guidelines must be followed to prevent any damage. Hand washing is a safer method, and for minor stains, spot cleaning is optimal. Always remove the battery before cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals, and allow the jacket to air dry. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your Milwaukee jacket stays clean and functional for many seasons to come.