can you wash ugg slippers in the washing machine

Can You Wash UGG Slippers In The Washing Machine?

UGG slippers are a luxurious and cozy footwear choice for many. Made from high-quality materials like sheepskin, suede, and wool, they provide warmth and comfort unparalleled by other types of slippers. However, with regular wear, they can get dirty and require cleaning. Given their special materials, one might wonder about the best ways to clean them without damaging their texture or appearance. More importantly can you wash UGG slippers in the washing machine?

UGG slippers should not be washed in a washing machine due to the delicate nature of sheepskin. Instead, hand washing, spot cleaning, or seeking professional cleaning services are safer methods. Avoid harsh chemicals and always air dry, away from direct sunlight, to preserve their quality and comfort.

Now that machine washing is ruled out the following details the techniques that are appropriate.

Hand Washing UGG Slippers for Optimal Care

Hand washing UGG slippers can preserve their integrity and enhance their lifespan. By following a gentle cleaning process, you can ensure your slippers stay comfortable and appealing.

  1. Gather Supplies: You’ll need a basin, cold water, and a sheepskin-friendly detergent.
  2. Prepare the Cleaning Solution: Fill the basin with cold water and mix a small amount of the chosen detergent until it forms a smooth solution.
  3. Immerse the Slippers: Place your UGG slippers into the water, gently pressing on them to ensure they are fully soaked.
  4. Clean Gently: With your hands, rub the slippers’ surface in a gentle circular motion to dislodge dirt or stains.
  5. Empty and Refill the Basin: Once done with cleaning, remove the soapy water from the basin and refill it with clean cold water.
  6. Rinse: Submerge the slippers in the clean water to remove all soap residue, ensuring no soap remains.
  7. Water Removal: Press the slippers gently between your hands or against the basin’s side to let out excess water. Avoid twisting them, which can alter their shape.
  8. Drying: Position the slippers on a clean towel in a shaded spot, allowing them to air dry naturally. Avoid direct sunlight which can cause fading or shrinking.
  9. Restore Shape: Once partially dry, use your hands to reshape the slippers, ensuring they retain their original form as they continue drying.

Following these steps will help maintain the slippers’ original texture, ensuring they remain a favorite part of your footwear collection.

Spot Cleaning UGG Slippers for a Precise Clean

Spot cleaning offers a targeted approach to handle minor blemishes without subjecting the entire slipper to the cleaning process. This method can efficiently tackle stains without affecting the overall quality of your UGG slippers.

  1. Materials Needed: Secure a small bowl, cold water, sheepskin-friendly detergent, and a couple of clean cloths.
  2. Create a Solution: Pour a moderate amount of cold water into the bowl and mix with the detergent to form a gentle cleaning mixture.
  3. Pre-treat the Stain: Before applying the solution, use a dry cloth to blot any excess residue or moisture from the stain.
  4. Apply the Solution: Dip a clean cloth into the prepared mixture and gently pat the stained area.
  5. Circular Cleaning Motion: Using the damp cloth, move in gentle circles over the stain until it begins to lift.
  6. Rinse the Area: Dampen a separate cloth with plain cold water and dab the treated area to remove detergent traces.
  7. Blot Dry: With a fresh, dry cloth, gently blot the cleaned spot to absorb any lingering moisture.
  8. Air Dry: Position the slipper in an area free from direct sunlight or heat, allowing the cleaned spot to dry naturally.
  9. Inspect: Once dry, check the treated spot to ensure the stain has been fully removed. If remnants persist, consider repeating the process or exploring other cleaning methods.

This spot cleaning technique is especially useful for minor stains or when you wish to clean specific areas without immersing the entire slipper.

Professional Cleaning UGG Slippers for Thorough Results

When UGG slippers have extensive dirt or stubborn marks, entrusting them to professionals can be the best choice. This method ensures that the slippers receive optimal care using advanced techniques.

  1. Research Cleaners: Start by looking for cleaning services that have expertise in handling sheepskin or suede materials.
  2. Inquire About Techniques: Before leaving your slippers, ask about the methods and products they employ. Ensure they’re appropriate for UGGs.
  3. Specify Concerns: Highlight specific areas of concern or stains you want the professionals to pay special attention to.
  4. Understand Costs: Get a clear understanding of the cleaning charges and any extra costs that might arise due to specific treatments.
  5. Hand Over for Cleaning: Once satisfied, leave your slippers with the professionals for the agreed-upon duration.
  6. Post-Cleaning Care: When collecting your cleaned slippers, ask for any specific aftercare recommendations or products to maintain their condition.
  7. Check Results: Before leaving the store, inspect your slippers to ensure all stains are removed and they look refreshed.
  8. Store Appropriately: Once home, keep the slippers in a dry place away from direct heat or sunlight until the next use.
  9. Regular Maintenance: To reduce the frequency of professional cleanings, maintain regular care routines at home.

By opting for professional cleaning, you can be confident that your UGG slippers will be treated with expertise, ensuring their comfort and appearance remain intact.


Can I use a stain remover on my UGG slippers before washing them?

Certainly. When opting for a stain remover, choose one that’s compatible with sheepskin or suede. Before applying it broadly, it’s wise to test on a hidden area to ensure it doesn’t harm the material or cause discoloration.

Should I air dry or machine dry my UGG slippers after washing them?

Air drying is the preferred method for UGG slippers. Exposing them to the intense heat of a machine dryer can result in damage, shrinking, or misshaping. Place them in a well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight for the best drying results.

Can I use fabric softener when washing UGG slippers?

It’s advisable to steer clear of fabric softeners. They can interfere with the slipper’s moisture-wicking abilities and might compromise the softness and shape of the slippers over time.

How do I remove stains from my UGG slippers?

For localized stains, consider a spot cleaning approach using a mild, sheepskin-friendly detergent. Persistent or dark stains might require multiple treatments, and if they remain, seeking a professional cleaning service is a viable option.

Are there any special instructions for washing UGG slippers with fur?

Yes, UGG slippers adorned with fur require added caution. During the washing process, aim to keep the fur section as dry as possible. If it does get wet, gently comb it out to maintain its fluffiness. Always keep them away from direct heat when drying to avoid damaging the delicate fur fibers.


UGG slippers, given their delicate material, require special care during cleaning. While they shouldn’t be machine washed, hand washing, spot cleaning, and professional cleaning are effective methods to keep them looking and feeling their best. Always be cautious of the cleaning agents and methods you use to ensure the longevity of your cozy slippers.