how do you wash a hydro flask

How Do You Wash a Hydro Flask – Methods to Deep Clean Your Hydro Flask

To stay hydrated the Hydro Flask has become an iconic water bottle for the environmentally conscious, the fitness freaks, and everyone in between. With its promise to keep your liquids hot or cold for an extended period of time, it has swiftly replaced the use of disposable bottles for many. But with frequent use comes the unavoidable question of how do you wash a hydro flask?

Cleaning your Hydro Flask doesn’t require specialized products or techniques. The most effective methods include using warm soapy water, a vinegar solution, or a baking soda and lemon paste. Each method is aimed at removing stains, eliminating odors, and ensuring that your bottle remains hygienic for daily use. Follow the detailed steps in the methods to keep your Hydro Flask in top condition.

How Do You Wash a Hydro Flask?

If your flask has an odd odor or taste then this article details the methods for keeping your Hydro Flask looking and smelling like new, without using a dishwasher.  You can then take your Hydro Flask bottle out and about without worries.

Clean a Hydro Flask With Warm Soapy Water and Bottle Brush

Hand washing your Hydro Flask with warm soapy water is a straightforward and effective way to keep it fresh and hygienic. This approach uses simple household items to get the job done.

  1. Preparation: Empty the contents of your flask and remove any accessories such as the lid or flex straw.
  2. Assemble Supplies: Gather mild dish soap, a non-abrasive sponge, a soft cloth, and a small brush for tight spots.
  3. Fill Basin: Use your sink or a large container to mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water to form a soapy mixture.
  4. Submerge and Fill: Place your flask into the basin so that it fills up, ensuring the entire inside is wet.
  5. Interior Scrub: Use a clean bottle brush or non-abrasive sponge, gently scrub the inner walls to remove grime.
  6. Exterior Scrub: Use a soft cloth to clean the outer surface, paying special attention to the bottom, sides and spout.
  7. Accessories Cleaning: Use a small brush to reach into the crevices of the lid, straw, or other accessories. Scrub gently but thoroughly.
  8. Inspect: Check to make sure no spots are missed, especially in corners and under the lid.
  9. Rinse: Empty the soapy water from your basin and fill it with clean, cold water. Rinse all parts well to thoroughly remove any soap residue.
  10. Air-Dry: Place upside-down on a dish rack or towel to air dry. Make sure the lid is off to prevent moisture buildup.

By following these extended steps, you’ll be able to give your Hydro Flask a comprehensive cleaning. It’s a simple routine that keeps your bottle in top shape for daily use.

Clean Your Hydro Flask With Vinegar Solution Technique

If you’re looking for a natural way to disinfect and clean your Hydro Flask, a vinegar solution is an excellent option. This method is especially useful if your bottle has an odd odor.

  1. Ready the Flask: Make sure the Hydro Flask is empty and free of any removable parts such as the cap or straw.
  2. Gather Supplies: You will need to use distilled white vinegar, a small amount of warm water, and a funnel for a mess-free experience.
  3. Create Mixture: In a separate container, blend an equal amount of water and white vinegar to make your cleaning solution.
  4. Pouring In: Utilize a funnel to pour the solution of vinegar in your flask. Fill it up to the halfway mark.
  5. Sealing Time: Close the flask tightly with its cap to avoid spills.
  6. Shake it Up: Give the bottle a good shake to ensure the solution coats all interior surfaces.
  7. Wait Period: Let the solution sit for 5 minutes or more, allowing it to do its work.
  8. Optional Scrub: If you have persistent stains or marks, use a bottle brush to work on these areas during the waiting period.
  9. Complete Rinse: After the solution has sat, empty the flask and rinse it thoroughly with warm water until there is no vinegar smell.
  10. Drying Method: Put your hydro flask and its parts on a clean towel, ensuring they are all open so air can circulate for complete drying.

Hydro Flask Cleaning With Baking Soda and Lemon, Including Lid

When stubborn stains or strong odors give you trouble, the baking soda and lemon method is highly effective. It provides a more intensive cleaning experience and leaves your Hydro Flask smelling fresh.

  1. Prepare the Bottle: Make sure your flask is empty and that you’ve removed the lid and any other accessories.
  2. Assemble Ingredients: Ready your supplies, which include baking soda, fresh lemon juice, a bottle brush, and a bowl.
  3. Blend the Mix: In a bowl, combine 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda and lemon juice to form a paste.
  4. Application: Use a sponge or cloth to apply the paste to the inner walls and base of your flask.
  5. Rub it In: Work the paste onto the surfaces with a bottle brush or sponge, giving special attention to marked or smelly areas.
  6. Lid Cleaning: If your cap or straw lid is discolored or smells, apply some of the paste to it and work it gently with a brush.
  7. Waiting Game: Allow the paste to sit on all applied surfaces for at least 10 minutes to maximize a deep clean.
  8. Optional Step: For extremely persistent marks, you can extend the waiting time to 15-20 minutes.
  9. Thorough Rinse: After waiting, use cold water to rinse out the flask and its components, making sure to remove all traces of the baking soda and lemon paste.
  10. Final Drying: Allow the Hydro Flask and its parts to dry naturally. Make sure they are placed in such a way that air can circulate freely to avoid moisture retention.

FAQ’s To Keep Your Hydro Flask in Top Condition

How often should I wash my Hydro Flask?

A general rule of thumb is to clean your flask after each use, especially when you’ve filled it with liquids other than water. If you primarily use it for water, a good wash every two to three days should suffice to maintain hygiene.

What should I use to clean the inside of my Hydro Flask?

For cleaning the inside of your flask, mild dish soap combined with warm water is effective. Natural options like a vinegar solution or a baking soda and lemon paste can also be excellent choices, particularly for tackling odors and stains.

How do I remove stains from my Hydro Flask?

Remove the stain from the flask using a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice applied to the affected areas. Let the mixture sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. Vinegar can also be an effective solution for stubborn marks.

Can I use bleach to clean my Hydro Flask?

It’s advisable to avoid using bleach or chlorine on your Hydro Flask, as it could damage the stainless steel and also leave a lingering chemical residue. Stick to milder cleaning agents such as mild dish soap, vinegar, or baking soda mixed with lemon.

How do I clean the straw of my Hydro Flask?

The straw of your Hydro Flask can be cleaned using a small brush designed for straw cleaning. Alternatively, you can soak the straw in a vinegar solution for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Make sure it’s completely dry before reassembling it with the bottle.


Cleaning your Hydro Flask doesn’t have to be a tedious task. With these three methods—warm soapy water, vinegar solution, and baking soda with lemon—you can effectively clean your flask and prolong its life. Choose the method that suits you best and make it a part of your routine to ensure that you always have a clean, odor-free flask to keep you hydrated.